Amazing pictures from inside jaws of East Kimberley crocodile after it plays with Rodney Fischer’s camera

Sarah CrawfordThe Kimberley Echo
VideoFootage from inside jaws of East Kimberley crocodile after it eats Rodney Fischer's camera.

This is what it looks like inside the jaws of a 3m saltie.

Rodney Fischer, who has the YouTube channel Tropical exposure, got this remarkable footage of a crocodile having a bite of his Adventure King trail camera at a waterhole near Wyndham in the East Kimberley on Tuesday.


“I had been walking out their photographing birds and such and I noticed this one area where animals were coming down to get a drink,” he said.

“So I thought I would set up my cameras because I had seen some crocodiles there as well. I set the cameras up and went back the next day and I had this footage.”

The camera captures the croc.
Camera IconThe camera captures the croc. Credit: Rodney Fischer

Fischer said that he was gobsmacked by what he saw.

“When I looked at the footage I thought, ‘Wow, that’s awesome’ — I had a good view of inside the crocodile’s jaws,” he said.

“This is the last thing someone would see I suppose before they were taken — if they were still conscious.

The huge croc sidles up to the camera.
Camera IconThe huge croc sidles up to the camera. Credit: Rodney Fischer

“I’m sure with a lot of little animals that is the last thing they will see.

“You wouldn’t want to be that close for sure.”

Luckily, the big croc didn’t swallow the trail camera.

Footage taken from another trail camera nearby showed the nosey crocodile had only been investigating the camera, giving it a nudge with it’s snout before opening it’s jaws for an extreme toothy, close-up.

The croc takes the camera in its jaws.
Camera IconThe croc takes the camera in its jaws. Credit: Rodney Fischer

“Yeah, they are inquisitive, like they check things out,” Fischer said.

“Usually when you see a crocodile, it’s just lying on the bank and they seem really docile. But when no one’s around they are interesting creatures to watch.”

The view from inside the crocodile’s mouth.
Camera IconThe view from inside the crocodile’s mouth. Credit: Rodney Fischer

It is not the first time Mr Fischer’s camera gear has taken a hit in the quest for the perfect croc shot.

“I’ve had it happen before actually, on the King (River, south of Wyndham) I had my camera set up at a crocodile nest and she hit it really hard and cracked it, cracked all the housing and everything.

“But I just gaffed it up and I’m still using that camera today.”

Fischer’s YouTube channel has gained 640 subscribers since it was set up five months ago. His videos have attracted up 98,000 views each.

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