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Councillors at the Shire of Roebourne have voted to request the Department of Lands to have unallocated crown land in the Point Samson vicinity rezoned with a Conservation, Recreation and Landscape Protection categorisation.

Shire President Peter Long said the bid was made to enable the Shire to protect the surrounding environment and allow for better land-use management of the area.

"It is to both protect the area from any future inappropriate land-use activities but also to put the Shire in a stronger position to better manage these environmentally sensitive coastal reserves over the long term," he said.

"The Shire is acutely aware of the economic and development needs for resources, but when mining occurs in prime recreational and tourist areas or close to existing town sites, we need to question the basis and evidence upon which decision making is being undertaken."

The area in question is between Point Samson and Sams Creek Road.

Point Samson Community Association president John Graham said the group had not been aware the land around Point Samson was unallocated, saying it was an issue its members felt was important.

Mr Graham said their main concern was the land was subject to any use, including mining.

"You don't want to see natural bushland cleared away," he said.

During their January meeting, councillors acknowledged the part land uses such as sand mining played in the area's development, but worried about possible desecration.

The area between the town and Sams Creek and subsequent areas beyond, will also be investigated by the Shire to determine future land use.

A lands department spokesman said the agency had not yet received the request and thus no details were available on how long the process could take or what it may involve.

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