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Jayden Roe, 5, caught a 6kg spangled emperor.
Camera IconJayden Roe, 5, caught a 6kg spangled emperor. Credit: Tackleworld Exmouth

Winter is here this week, but you would hardly know it, with temperatures in the 30Cs and the beaches strewn with bikini-clad tourists.

But we all know the cold snap will happen soon, and for fishers it can mean a short quiet period of a few days as the fish seem to be less active.

Meanwhile, while the sun is shining, get out there among the action.

Last week we had Tasman Roe with her brilliant diamond trevally. Not to be outdone by his older sister on the annual family trip to Coral Bay, Jayden Roe, 5, went out on his first boys’ fishing trip.

They netted a nice bag of reds, cods and spangled emperor with a couple of tasty tuna that were turned into sashimi for dinner.

He had a ball and was so good on the boat he was invited back the next day and was lucky enough to catch a decently sized spangled emperor that weighed almost 6kg.

The fish was wound all the way to the boat by Jayden before being netted by his dad thanks to a new Daiwa 2 speed reel that allows for easier retrieval.

The reel was bought a few days earlier from Tackleworld Exmouth after discussions on the benefits of a two-speed reel. Shark and school mackerel have been caught by many anglers at Learmonth jetty daily.

This easily accessible fishing hotspot is great for all ages.

The fish there vary and we often have people reporting their biggest catch from shore at this spot.

The squid can be good, at times, there too and if the jetty is quiet, the beaches can also provide something tasty for dinner or a bit of fun for the day.

The lures of choice for mackerel have been Entice Woodpecker Stickbaits and metal slices.

Interestingly, people have been using just a mono fluorocarbon leader, rather than light wire traces. The fluorocarbon leader is a harder leader, yet is invisible underwater, so perhaps this is why it has been so successful.

Squid have been in high numbers on the west side, with some anglers reporting they have reached their limit before lunchtime.

You can get squid so big around there the big ones start attacking the little ones as you bring them in.

We recommend drifting through the weed patches and casting to the sides to cover good ground or slowly trolling with a very light drag setting.

The blue swimmer crabs have been slow, but we expect it to fire up as we head into June.

Sailfish have been reported near Sunday Island on bait balls, which is something that doesn’t usually happen until September. However, most people don’t target them at this time of year, so perhaps they are there more often than we think.

This is where the tagging system is so important because if we can get some returned tags, we can get more information on where the fish are going.

We have had fish shown to be in the gulf in January, March and October. It would be good to tag some of these fish with sonar tags that aren’t as bulky as satellite tags and local enthusiasts are working on a sonar tagging program.

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