British expat Tez Blackmore slams Australian fisherman for throwing in a line just metres from giant crocodile

The fisherman puts in a line just metres from the giant croc.
Camera IconThe fisherman puts in a line just metres from the giant croc. Credit: Tez Blackmore/Yahoo

An Aussie fisherman has been slammed for his “f*****g stupidity” after throwing in a line just metres from a dangerous giant crocodile.

British expat Tez Blackmore caught the man fisherman and the saltwater croc on camera as he was walking past a river bank in Far North Queensland on Sunday.

“I’ve seen some stupid things in Australia and some f*****g stupid people but this takes the piss,” the former Londoner can be heard saying in the video.

“Look at that big f*****g croc on the beach. F*****g d***head’s fishing next to it ... he’s a cool croc. He’s probably twice as long as that f*****g person.”

The fisherman is believed to be about 1.83m tall — and the crocodile appears considerably bigger.

In another clip, the unfazed fisherman is seen leaving the bank’s edge and casually walking past the crocodile.

The fisherman walks past the crocodile.
Camera IconThe fisherman walks past the crocodile. Credit: Tez Blackmore/Yahoo

The croc, which lives in the Russell River just south of Cairns, is well known to locals who have nicknamed the beast Clyde.

“He’s a pretty big croc and he’s not a nuisance, so the last thing I’d want is for anything to happen to him,” Mr Blackmore said.

Crocodile expert Tommy Hayes said the video gave him “goosebumps”.

“What the guy is doing in the video is beyond complacency, it’s f*****g stupidity,’ he told the Daily Mail.

“Where he’s standing is maybe 10 or 15 metres from the crocodile. I’ve got goosebumps and not the good kind.”

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