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Matt Gates with a cracking bluey on the spear.
Camera IconMatt Gates with a cracking bluey on the spear. Credit: Picture: Tackleworld Exmouth

The school holidays have been one of the busiest yet for this time of year, with families descending on Exmouth for warm weather and fun times.

Fishing has been on the agenda for lots of kids, with eager parents willing to get the youngsters out on the water rather than in front of screens.

The first week of school holidays was a little quiet for Exmouth’s fishing standards with many people reporting fantastic weather, but slow bites.

There was tonnes of bait in the gulf which usually get seriously harassed by predatory fish but only a few sailfish were seen by several boats.

The birds were showing signs of sailfish activity but the majority of pods seem to have been further north with crews in Dampier and off Barrow Island reporting big numbers.

We expect these sailfish to turn up any day now and already today there are reports of pods smashing teasers, so it’s about to fire up.

The guys targeting reef fish have not been disappointed in the start to the second week with reports of red emperor, rankin cod and ruby job fish by several customers.

Mackerel have been abundant too and, surprisingly, fewer sharks have been encountered.

Cobia have been showing up in numbers too while a massive tiger shark was seen on the shoals in the gulf close to the marina by visiting anglers from Dampier, the Grassos.

The estimated 200kg-plus agitated tiger circled the boat several times while the kids were catching some blue lined emperor.

The crew decided to move away from the area and continued to fish elsewhere.

Interestingly, the same crew fishing with the Grassos have seen big tiger sharks in the upper gulf, lower gulf, west side and around the islands in seven out of 10 days of fishing and snorkelling. It would be interesting to see some satellite tag movements of these sharks.

Whiting have been showing up on Town Beach in big numbers.

This is a fantastic place to take the kids for an easy fish on even ground.

All you will need is light gear: small long-shank hooks, light sinkers and prawns for bait, the red beads can help too, along with some berley.

We recommend wearing polarised sunglasses to ensure you can see the fish schools as they cruise along the shoreline.

High tide is the best time as well and these fish are very easy for kids to catch, handle and eat. It is great to teach kids where their food comes from and how to respect it and the environment.

Did you know it is National Gone Fishing Day on October 14?

Yes, a whole day dedicated to fishing, so if you haven’t been out for a while, make sure you make the effort to get out on this day.

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