Pilbara local makes $300 weekend KFC run

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$300 worth of KFC from Karratha.
Camera Icon$300 worth of KFC from Karratha. Credit: Jodie Gandolfo.

Chook run

The downturn has hit many aspects of Pilbara life, but one thing that perseveres is the infamous chicken run.

The chicken run is undertaken by Hedland residents so keen for KFC they drive to Karratha just to get their feed.

Last week Jodie Gandolfo informed her mates she was heading to Karratha and of course she ended up with a large shopping list to take to the colonel.

How large you ask? $300.

$300 worth of KFC from Karratha.
Camera Icon$300 worth of KFC from Karratha. Credit: Jodie Gandolfo.

That’s a lot of deep-fried chicken.

“I had so many orders that I decided to go into KFC when I arrived on Saturday and pre ordered it and paid to pick up the following day on Sunday,” she said.

The order included nine large chips, five burgers, 12 wicked wings, three zinger boxes, a giant feast and many other fried delights.

Butted birds

You’ve gotta hand it to Pilbarians, when it comes to paying respect to the almighty running bird, we really are a cut above the rest.

Last week Wickham’s Rambla Bar showed off its newest addition — Emu Export ash trays.

Rambla Bar's new ash trays.
Camera IconRambla Bar's new ash trays. Credit: Rambla Bar and Bistro.

These re-purposed export cans follow a long and proud tradition of Pilbara emu paraphernalia, such as the giant can on Anchovy Flats and the Kimberley cool-painted Zook, and the red can tree behind Millars Well Oval.

Green machine

It takes a special kind of person to steal a car with the owner’s phone number, face, name and company logo on it.

So when Greens Member for Mining and Pastoral Robin Chapple found his beloved troopie had been stolen, while in Perth he had every right to be miffed.

For Chapple, the troopie is more than a car, it is his office while he is out covering his huge electorate, a job he describes as the best in the world.

As Darryl Kerrigan didn’t quite say, it’s not a car, it’s an office, and a man’s office is his car-stle.

Mr Chapple’s car was eventually found, so we can expect to see it back off the beaten track soon.

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