Ideal weather for Exmouth Ladies Day fishing comp

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The weather was certainly sensational for the weekend, which many people appreciated, including the women who fished the annual Ladies Day Tournament.

It could not have been better, with glassy conditions and perfect temperatures. The Exmouth Game Fishing Club thank all sponsors for their support. The results were:

Tag & release overall: Janelle Hodgson, Innkeeper.

First tagged billfish: Kerrie, Smith Kajiki.

Last tagged billfish: Janelle Hodgson, Innkeeper.

Heaviest mahi mahi: Miranda, Tomlinson Kajiki.

Heaviest tuna: Anna Passmore, Pullin Skirt.

Heaviest mackerel: Vacant.

The next event on the EGFC calendar is the Australian Junior Billfish Tournament.

This annual event has attracted juniors from all over the country in the past years, with anglers as young as five years old tagging their first billfish.

The event was created to teach youngsters the importance of team work, along with learning the skills required for targeting billfish.

It is also designed to help kids learn about boating, fish-handling and tagging programs.

The two day fishing event is scheduled for the long weekend in September.

If your child is keen to fish this, there are often spots available on boats, so email the event co-ordinator via

The tides, moon phases and weather can play an important role in fish feeding times and it is worthy to note any hot bites that are linked to these factors.

Recently we were out fishing off Norwest reef and it seemed fairly quiet, the tide was incoming and we caught a couple of broad barred mackerel on trolled stickbaits.

You could not see any birds feeding on bait or much action at all (apart from plenty of whales!).

Then, the moon rose in the gulf and suddenly the baitfish turned on, plus tuna, mackerel and all sorts started jumping everywhere and nearly every lure cast or trolled was attacked.

The fishing simply went nuts and it was awesome to watch, Jorja Mossman was very excited to get amongst the action and land a shark mackerel.

There have been reports of an increase in bait in the gulf in the last week, this time of year we expect to see plenty of activity in this area with acres of bait congregating in the open waters, particularly the deeper sections of around 15-20m.

You will see mulies on the surface and yakkas down deep, it pays to get some bait jigs and a bait jig rod to catch them fresh for bait.

If you have never experienced the gulf during spring, we highly recommend it, with loads of action on offer including cobia, trevally, large queenfish, mackerel, tuna and sailfish.

If you are not sure exactly where to go, drop in store and ask.

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