Leadership group in WA engine room

Alicia PereraPilbara News

A group of WA’s highest flyers from a range of industry, public sector and community service bodies converged on the Pilbara last week for an annual leadership field trip.

In one of its two regional WA field trips each year, Leadership WA brought its 2017 crop of Signature Program participants to Karratha for a whirlwind tour to expose them to different experiences and ideas important for a strong understanding of the State.

Among the group of about 40 leaders were high-level consultants, government officials, police officers and emergency service workers, not-for-profit sector leaders and small business operators from across WA.

Leadership WA chief executive Robin McClellan said because of its history, culture and role as an economic driving force, the Pilbara was one of a few key places WA leaders should experience before they could claim to really understand their State.

“If you want to say you are giving people a glimpse at least into what drives the State, there are some logical places that spring to mind,” she said. “So you’ve got Karratha, Broome, Kununurra — you have to come up to the north at some point — Kalgoorlie to some degree, and then the South (West).

“We try to look for what kind of diversity we can find in the experiences, and Karratha really offers that in a way that I don’t think we would find in other places in the north where we can reach realistically.”

Visits to the Burrup Peninsula, Cossack, Dampier Port operations, operational mine sites, the Yandeyarra community and Red Dog Driving School all featured on the group’s three-day field trip itinerary.

Ms McClellan said Leadership WA was founded about 13 years ago to break down the barriers between leaders across different industry sectors and develop their ability to give back to the State, which required a good understanding of the most important features and issues in WA.

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