Easter wind a blow for some in Exmouth

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A man fishes in the Exmouth Gulf flats.
Camera IconA man fishes in the Exmouth Gulf flats. Credit: Supplied

The town was practically at its peak with visitors for the Easter break, with the caravan overflow opened early.

Most accommodation places were full and the wind on Easter Saturday was the most blustery we have seen in a long time.

This stopped almost all recreational and commercial vessels from hitting the water and local businesses benefited greatly from the influx of bored tourists.

A few keen anglers hit the areas around the marina and creeks in the gulf, with reports of javelin fish, cod, bream and mangrove jacks coming in.

One customer got a jack on a Strada popper in the marina in a heart-stopping session.

The marina houses have had some crew getting fish of all sorts.

Hamish Reitsema from Albany enjoyed the Easter heat while his house was covered in hail at home.

Hamish, 13, has a new 2.5m polycraft boat with an electric motor.

He is madly saving for a petrol motor and practising his boating skills in the marina.

He arrived at the marina house and caught a golden trevally within the first few minutes, along with a bluebone on squid bait.

Daniel Mathers is visiting from Perth and tried spearfishing for the first time with his dad James.

On his first attempt, Daniel managed to perfectly nail a coral trout in the gulf.

He filleted the fish and used it all, including the head and the wings.

He also cooked dinner that night and we’re not sure who was happier, the dad or his son, but his mum was stoked too, despite having to wash up.

The gulf beaches have cleared up a little after the recent rain and winds.

We expect the blue swimmer crabs to come in thicker in the cooler months ahead after the rains.

Make sure you have the correct licences to fish and net in the area to avoid fines from various government departments.

If you do have a chance to get among the crabs, we recommend the mullet baits in a bait cage and clipped onto the crab net.

We also remind you to label your floats as it can be busy at times and you don’t want to collect the wrong nets.

If you have a stack of nets, we also recommend the crab net bags that make it all nice and easy to pack away for the next outing.

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