Dogs at Hearsons Cove prove this world is just fine

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It is a good life being a dog in the Pilbara. You get to spend time with your human at places where you’d be locked out in the big smoke, and there is endless open space to explore. The jewel in the crown for pups is Hearsons Cove, and we will let dogs show you why.

This dog likes contemplating the meaning of life at high tide.

Picture: Aimee Galasso.
Camera IconPicture: Aimee Galasso.

These two can’t contain their excitement as they splash around.

Picture: Casey Sloper.
Camera IconPicture: Casey Sloper.

Low tide is the perfect time to play footy.

Picture: Craig Gilpin.
Camera IconPicture: Craig Gilpin.

And high tide is great for swimming

Picture: Ellie Ryan.
Camera IconPicture: Ellie Ryan.

This pup just wants to thank its owner for the trip.

Camera IconCredit: Beth Brophy

It is important to play frisbee when the tide is coming in.

Camera IconCredit: Emily Yakhmi

This little dude’s floppy ears can’t be stopped.

Picture: Erin Kelly Hardy.
Camera IconPicture: Erin Kelly Hardy.

It’s okay everyone, the lifeguard is on duty.

Picture: Felicity Handley.
Camera IconPicture: Felicity Handley.

But even at low tide someone needs to keep a watchful eye.

Picture: Glen Vidler.
Camera IconPicture: Glen Vidler.

Literally could not be any happier.

Picture: Hayley Letch
Camera IconPicture: Hayley Letch

Sometimes there can be disputes about where to set up for the day.

Picture: Holly Williams.
Camera IconPicture: Holly Williams.

“hey you, come play in the mud,” dog said.

Picture: Jacki Loton.
Camera IconPicture: Jacki Loton.

This dude knows there are easier ways to get around.

Picture: Jesse-Lee Madeline Clark.
Camera IconPicture: Jesse-Lee Madeline Clark.

Dogs can enjoy romantic sunset strolls too.

Picture: Jessica Halford.
Camera IconPicture: Jessica Halford.

Follow the leader.

Picture: Josh Stronach.
Camera IconPicture: Josh Stronach.

This buddy needed to show appreciation by bowling his human over.

Picture: Kim Myers.
Camera IconPicture: Kim Myers.

Kelpies can camouflage themselves in the reflections.

Picture: Laura Hill.
Camera IconPicture: Laura Hill.

But other dogs just like standing on glass.

Picture: Lisa Dunsby
Camera IconPicture: Lisa Dunsby

Dogs can even enjoy the staircase to the moon.

Picture: Rachel Grant.
Camera IconPicture: Rachel Grant.

Because they are all good boys and girls.

Picture: Talicia Ffrench
Camera IconPicture: Talicia Ffrench

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