Underwater hockey set to be trialled in Karratha, Onslow

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VideoThe national championship is taking place in Palm Beach Queensland.

On the list of obscure sports, this one would have to be pretty close to the top, but underwater hockey is getting ready to hit the Pilbara.

The sport is played on the bottom of a pool, generally 2m deep, between two teams, with the aim to score a goal by pushing a lead puck with a small bat.

Take the speed, force and agility of a hockey game, add water, hold your breath, and that’s underwater hockey.

West Australian Underwater Hockey Commission president Clare Gleeson said one of the reasons the organisation wanted to bring the sport to the Pilbara was the great facilities in the region.

“Another factor that we considered was the relatively high number of spear-fishers and free divers, as they tend to be attracted to underwater hockey to improve their breath-holds,” she said.

WAUWH is trying to gain interest from people in Karratha and Onslow, with the hope it will lead to the creation of a club and permanent weekly games.

“We’re sending reps up before the end of the year to run have-a-go days and train selected people on how to run a club,” Gleeson said.

“The reps will be taking up bags of equipment that have been donated by the South West and Perth clubs.” The trial night will take place in Karratha on December 5 from 7.30pm at the Leisureplex and will be run by Australian Masters representative Shane Blackman.

The Onslow trial is tentatively booked for December 3, depending on the level of interest.

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