Benefits all round in sharing office space

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The first co-working space in the Pilbara will officially open in Karratha in coming weeks, allowing local small businesses and professionals to hire working space on a flexible, low-cost basis.

Karratha and Districts Chamber of Commerce and Industry earlier this month moved into new premises at the Karratha Village in an open-plan, rent-a-desk office in the model of Spacecubed in Perth.

The KDCCI co-working space offers three permanent offices, two meeting rooms, desks and office equipment primarily for small businesses wanting to downsize on office space or increase their interaction with the community.

Chief executive John Lally said the model was designed to offer visiting workers and local small businesses a cheaper and more flexible way to work, in line with modern trends.

“If I’m a tradesperson, I’ve got a business, I’m spending most of my time out, I do need an office and I do need to meet clients andpeople, but I’m only in here for probably a day or so each week, so why not pay for (space) two days a week?” he said.

“That’s how it works — you work so many hours on the desk and you can pay by the hour, day or week.”

The co-working space is designed for businesses that are already up and running

The KDCCI co-working space differs from the Business Centre, the Pilbara’s $2 million under-development Karratha Enterprise Hub, which will have a greater focus on incubating start-up businesses. Mr Lally said there had already been interest from local businesses, with two groups signing on to take up permanent office space and inquiries from 15 others.

The KDCCI co-working space will launch to the public in mid-June.

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