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A former undercover police officer, television presenter and nominee for UK Woman of the Year turned Perth businesswoman is among the speakers at this year’s Karratha Districts Chamber of Commerce and Industry Business Bootcamp tomorrow.

Nina Hobson said she was looking forward to sharing the story of her varied career path with workers in Karratha when she arrived in town for the workshop.

The KDCCI Business Bootcamp will feature four main speakers including Ms Hobson, who spent more than 10 years working as a police officer in the UK before moving into television investigative reporter working undercover — first exposing corruption within the police force, then investigating threats against children.

She was nominated for the UK Woman of the Year Award in 2006 for her work in the latter, on TV show Undercover Mum.

Upon moving to Perth in 2008, she started two businesses from scratch and developed cybersafety program Space Safe Kidz, for which she became a finalist in the Telstra Business Women’s Awards.

Ms Hobson described herself as “probably a little bit different to your normal speaker” and said her speech theme of overcoming adversity was based on her own professional and personal experiences.

“I want to talk about motivation and dealing with adversity, because adversity is a key thing for businesspeople,” Ms Hobson said.

“Small, medium or big, we all have struggles in business, so I want to explain some of the stories and issues I’ve been through because I had a business, I sold a business and now I have a new business, so I can relate to every-body in that room.

“I also want to put some of my experiences as a detective and a covert operator into that operation because I’ve dealt with some really hideous experiences in my life and I try to show that when faced with difficulty, sometimes good things come out of that.”

Other speakers at the Bootcamp include Beechworth Bakery founder Tom O’Toole, author and podcast host Tim Reid and Perth businesswoman and consultant Catherine Sutherland.

A panel discussion featuring a number of Pilbara businesspeople will also be part of the event.

Ms Hobson said the main message she wanted to convey to Bootcamp attendees was the value of tenacity through hardship and rejection.

“I’m very much a person who, if I believe in something, I’m very passionate about it. I’m a doer,” she said.

“Whatever we’re doing, whether in business or in our personal lives, there’s often times when we get told no all the time.”

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